Thursday, March 16, 2006

Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, AJAX ...?

What's in a name? Is AJAX the new RIA (Rich Internet Applications)for the Web 2.0 movement and how does this apply to elearning or Learning 2.0? First of all the explosion of terminology in web applications, technologies and philosphy is in my opinion belying an underlining tension .. Are web technologist and marketers so insecure we have to keep coming up with these new terms.

I believe the user should drive the technology and lets keep the marketers out of the whole naming crap .... Personally I like the concepts of Web 2.0 as expoused by Tim O'Reilly. We have focus on Web Services, Delivery of Personalized & Rich User experience, Leveraging the Collective Intelligence of the planet, Shifting User roles - more collaborative and publisher roles than passive web visitors, and my favorite Platforms outperforming standalone applications.

You ask.. so how is all of this related to Learning .. or the Learning 2.0 movement ..if indeed it is a movement (from what I hear Jay Cross has called Learning 2.0 a useless term .. ahem .. pretty strong stuff)

I believe using Web 2.0 applications or platforms, or Rich Web or RIA to create a more cinematic and interative learning experience incorporating Web 2.0 concepts such as user/publisher, collaborative versus static user experiences is a good thing.

So can we quit quibbling about semantics, terminology and instead focus on creating a richer, more engaging, user experience - be it elearning, e-commerce, entertainment or just plain publishing ala blogging or social networks.