Wednesday, March 29, 2006

eLeaP Learning Management Platform

I am involved in developing a web 2.0 learning management platform - eLeaP. Check out what Saul Weiner, Web 2.0 expert in Silicon Valley had to say about eLeaP.

".. eLeap seems to be looking to capture some of the customer facing learning management (instead of just internal employee training, although it does offer this). And they were kind enough to hook me up with a demo and a user guide to get me going.

From a high level, eLeap offers most of what is needed:
  • Courses and Lessons
  • Payments (although it wasn't implemented on my demo)
  • Quizzes
  • Career path management
  • Basic reporting
  • Forum"
Read full review:

We are indeed ambitious .. for what's the fun in wasting all this brain power. As usual your comments are welcome ... believe me we have some pretty tough hides :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, AJAX ...?

What's in a name? Is AJAX the new RIA (Rich Internet Applications)for the Web 2.0 movement and how does this apply to elearning or Learning 2.0? First of all the explosion of terminology in web applications, technologies and philosphy is in my opinion belying an underlining tension .. Are web technologist and marketers so insecure we have to keep coming up with these new terms.

I believe the user should drive the technology and lets keep the marketers out of the whole naming crap .... Personally I like the concepts of Web 2.0 as expoused by Tim O'Reilly. We have focus on Web Services, Delivery of Personalized & Rich User experience, Leveraging the Collective Intelligence of the planet, Shifting User roles - more collaborative and publisher roles than passive web visitors, and my favorite Platforms outperforming standalone applications.

You ask.. so how is all of this related to Learning .. or the Learning 2.0 movement ..if indeed it is a movement (from what I hear Jay Cross has called Learning 2.0 a useless term .. ahem .. pretty strong stuff)

I believe using Web 2.0 applications or platforms, or Rich Web or RIA to create a more cinematic and interative learning experience incorporating Web 2.0 concepts such as user/publisher, collaborative versus static user experiences is a good thing.

So can we quit quibbling about semantics, terminology and instead focus on creating a richer, more engaging, user experience - be it elearning, e-commerce, entertainment or just plain publishing ala blogging or social networks. Share your comments at the e-Learning Place

Monday, March 13, 2006

Is E-Learning 2.0 For Real?

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Is E-Learning 2.0 For Real?

Stephen Downes posted a summary of his private writings on the subject of "E-Learning 2.0" on his blog recently. I'm cross posting my reply here.

Creating cultures that value learning is a great ideal, but there are enough people in the world who do value learning, peer production, and learning content creation. Maybe today it is more like a sub-culture, but 20 years from now it won't be "sub" anymore.

The biggest problem is that we don't have tools or markets for loosely coupled learning objects. Without those the peer network cannot produce anything. The peer producers are also not going to buy and learn flash, or even learn HTML for that matter. Producing learning content has to be as easy as creating a blog entry, and the result has to be as engaging as watching a TV show, or playing a video game.

I invite you to discuss learning 2.0 and web 2.0. How would this convergrnce of technology and growth of web applications change the learning universe? Join us at the e-Learning Place.
What is Learning 2.0? See what Stephen Downes says about Learning 2.0.

So how can we help to reinstill the culture of learning in our communities, schools, workplaces, churches, mosques etc.

I say reinstill because I believe learning has always been an integral part of the human condition.. that is how we got here in the first place. Share your ideas? Do you think Learning 2.0 is a fad? Do you think the convergence of technology (web 2.0) and learning bodes well for our world?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Shall we create a World University Online?

Call me crazy but I want you to join me. Lets us create a world university based on an open source mentality. We share in the creation, implementation and management of the world university online. Lets take the Secretary General on his word.

Contribute your ideas at the eLearning Place.

International Online University?

According to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan "..We also need to explore the possibility of creating an open international university. Surely, experts can think of many more ideas along these lines."

The concept of an International Learning institution sounds like a no brainer ... or is it? Can and should the developed world share in this knowledge transfer knowing full well that they might be loosing some competitive advantages? Are the costs too much to make this a reality? What advantages if any exist for an international learning institution?

See what members at the e-Learning Place are saying about this topic here. Feel free to chime in.